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Easter Crosses

I'll never look at a pine tree in the springtime
again without thinking of " Easter Crosses "

On April 8th, we made a trip to my parents' house
for my father's birthday celebration. My husband
was quietly driving the family up the Turnpike.
I noticed out of the corner of my eye that my
husband was straining to look out my window. This
startled me, since his eyes should be on the
long road in front of him. I asked him what he was
looking at out the windows, and he quietly
replied, "Nothing." His eyes went back to the road
in front of him. After a few minutes, I looked
over at my husband and noticed a tear running down
his cheek. I asked him what was wrong.

This time he told me, "I was just thinking about
Papa and a story he used to tell me." Of course,
if it had to do with Papa I needed to know the
story, so I asked him to share it with me.

He said, "When I was about 3 years old, Papa took
me out in the backyard and told me that the Pine
trees know when it is Easter."

I had no idea what he meant by that, so I pressed
him for more information. He continued on...
"The Pine trees start their new growth in the weeks
before Easter -- if you look at the tops of the
Pine trees two weeks before, you will see the
yellow shoots. As the days get closer to Easter
Sunday, the tallest shoot will branch off and form
a cross. By the time Easter Sunday comes around,
you will see that most of the Pine trees will have
small yellow crosses on the tallest shoots."

I turned to look out the window and I couldn't
believe my eyes. It was a week before Easter, and
you could see all the trees with the tall yellow
shoots stretching to Heaven. The tallest ones
shone in the sunlight like rows of tiny golden

Author Unknown

Song: Remember Me 
Vocal:  Michael Combs
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