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I'm Rich Beyond Compare

It seems as if every day, you hear someone brag about what they own.
It may be about their cars, or about the fancy home they own.
You can hear people talk about, how lucky this person seems to be.
But there is one thing their money, can't do; set a heart free.

They may fool their friends, but they can't fool our Lord.
Our hearts and souls were paid for by Jesus our Precious Lord
Jesus was sent here by His Father, God knew the pain His Son would bare.
Yet Jesus kept His promise, three days later He rose up to the air.

It is still hard to understand, the belief in His mind He holds.
All the money and riches, He'll offer and all of His gold.
Before God this man must stand, knowing not Jesus, what he must go through.
As we'll stand before God, He shall say welcome child I've been waiting for you.

Written and copyrighted by Ken Ferguson
Please do not use without permission!

Song: House of Gold
Vocal: Unknown To Me
(If you know the artist please email webmaster so I can give proper credit)

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