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Jesus Paid A Debt That He Did Not Owe

There's never enough it seems, when we draw our pay.
And we spend what was meant for that rainy day.
But the love for money, will not pay our bills.
It's our love for Jesus, and because he climbed that hill.

Our Lord went up that hill, and freely gave all.
It was not for his sins, it was so we wouldn't fall.
He could of said I've not sinned, and I will not go.
But he was nailed to a cross, for a debt he did not owe.

Jesus paid a debt, that he did not owe.
For we owed a debt, that we could not pay.
While on the cross, our Lord's blood did flow.
And he paid for our debts, on the hill that day.

We need to think of others, like the Lord thought of us.
By helping them along, we will earn their trust.
If Jesus hadn't cared, and not went up the hill that day.
Then who would of paid the debts, that we could not pay.


Written By Ken Ferguson
Copyright 1998

Scars In The Hands Of Jesus
sung by: The Mcglothlins
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