The Resting Place

When My Tears Flow

I know I've not lived my life, the way that I could.
I know there is so much more, if I would live like I should.
To who can I turn, where can I go.
When I start to think about my life, that is when my tears start to flow.

Why do the tears flow, why's this happening to me.
Then I heard Jesus knock, and I fell to my knees.
Jesus knocked so softly, it was then my heart let Jesus in.
My confessions I spoke to my Lord, He cleansed me from my sins.

He said child, I hear your tears before they fall.
I already felt your pain, even before on me you called.
Tears when they flow, is a way of showing how our soul feels.
Child my tears were for you, that day on the hill.

My friend don't hold back, when you feel the tears start to flow.
Jesus is calling, up to the altar is where your soul wants to go.
Our sweet savior, He will meet you up there.
And one day soon, He'll meet you again in the air.


Ken Ferguson Dec. 2, 2007

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Song: He Understands My Tears
Vocal: The Isaacs
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